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Business Law 

Owning a business in New York can be complex and challenging. There are any number of legal issues you must deal with, whether you are starting a business, currently operating a business, selling a business, or buying a business. In addition to understanding the best structure for your business, you also need to be concerned about potential litigation, dispute resolutions, and agreements between partners or shareholders.


At Solomon Richman, P. C. we provide a wide range of legal services for businesses of all sizes. Some of the services we provide include assistance with:

At Solomon Richman, we have been serving Long Island and the New York City metropolitan area for more than 50 years. We have represented numerous companies of all sizes with a full range of legal services to businesses and in a wide variety of industries including sales, technology, manufacturing and services businesses.

We are most proud of the fact that many of our clients have stayed with us for many decades. Anyone who has a specific legal issue or needs of corporate counsel should feel free to contact our office and request a consultation with one of our business attorneys.

We can help you with all types of contracts including preparing and reviewing employment contracts, nondisclosure agreements, non-compete agreements, partnership documents and other contract services your company may need.

Business Law

Whether you are just starting a business for the first time, or selling your existing business, Solomon Richman, P.C. has the legal know-how to assist you. Even when things go wrong, and you need to dissolve a partnership or other agreement, we can provide the legal assistance you need.

Regardless of how well-managed your business may be, there may be times when you find yourself in a dispute with shareholders or with your business partners. These disputes not only cause interruption, but can have other negative implications. Solomon Richman is dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes with all of their legal needs.

When you need an attorney who understands New York business laws, and who will fight aggressively to protect your rights and interests, you want somebody who is affordable, as well as knowledgeable. You can count on the business law team at Solomon Richman for all your business law needs. We handle all types of litigation, contract negotiations, as well as formations and dissolutions. Contact Solomon Richman, P.C. to set up a no obligation consultation with a member of our business law team.

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