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Starting a new business? Get the legal roadmap on your path to success.


Starting a business? Start smart. Plan smart. Avoid problems before they arise.

Millions of Americans often give thought to starting their own businesses, and in fact, over three million small businesses are launched each year by would-be entrepreneurs.


Starting one’s own business is an ingrained part of the American dream, and if that’s your dream, it’s important to understand that entrepreneurship also presents any number of challenges. When you understand these challenges, your chances of both a successful business launch and long-term success increase dramatically. But rushing headlong into a startup without the aid and counsel of an experienced business formation attorney can be a recipe for disaster.


The attorneys at Solomon Richman will not only take you through the process of legally forming your New York business, they’ll ensure that you’re protected for the long-term from unexpected events that could lead to major legal expenses or worse, business failure. Based on your business plan and objectives, our attorneys will not only incorporate your business under the most sensible legal entity – LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, LLP or General Partnership – but inform you of your legal rights and the obligations to which you must adhere as your business grows.


Once your business is up and running, it is likely that you will require additional legal assistance for any number of issues that arise in the weeks, months and years ahead. That’s why our attorneys will stick close to you, aiding in the drafting of contracts, business negotiations, and litigation matters. Once we help you establish your business, our goal will be to provide you with the highest level of services and resolve whatever issues you may face.


Start your business off on the right foot. Call Solomon Richman today at (516) 437-6443 for

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