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Sometimes the best option is to avoid lawsuits altogether.


Oftentimes business disputes arise due to certain contract terms or conditions, employment issues, or a number of other issues that can have a deleterious impact on your business. Lawsuits are often costly, take a long time to resolve and create an atmosphere of dissention which can cause broken relationships. At Solomon Richman P.C., we encourage our clients who are considering suing or are being sued to consider arbitration to settle disagreements. We offer the following:

  • Mediation services – we can act as a third-party mediator to negotiate a successful settlement of all types of business disputes. Mediation first takes all the points of agreement then attempts to find common ground on other points of dissention.

  • Arbitration services – we can provide facilitation services to ensure that both parties keep talking. Keep in mind arbitration allows both parties to work out their differences without interference; the facilitator simply ensures both parties continue to keep the lines of communication open.

  • Dispute resolution – when both parties seem deadlocked, being able to meet the needs of one party often is a good way to bring the dispute to an end. While it is important to keep both parties happy in any type of dispute, finding a way to bridge the gap for one party often offers a path to an outcome.



At Solomon Richman P.C., we understand that taking another party to court can often mean a disruption in your business, higher expenses and potential damage to otherwise good relationships. Oftentimes, using an alternative method of resolving business disputes results in a positive outcome for both parties and helps mend relationships that would otherwise be impossibly broken. Generally, these proceedings are far less formal, save hours of legal work and are far less stressful than a court proceeding.



Sometimes, no matter how much the two parties involved in a dispute agree upon, mediation and arbitration efforts fail. That means you will need an attorney who understands the best ways to litigate business disputes. At Solomon Richman, P.C. we remain focused, aggressive and possess the knowledge and expertise to litigate all of your business disputes in court. We will provide cost-effective legal assistance to aid you in rigorously standing up for your rights in court.


Business disputes are never easy to deal with and when they arise, you need an attorney who will serve as a strong advocate for your position. Whether you are considering suing a third party or you are being sued, Solomon Richman, P.C. can help. We can work closely with you to potentially settle your disagreement through arbitration or mediation, which offers the best possible financial outcome as well as maintains business relationships or when necessary we are prepared to litigate the dispute in open court.


Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your business dispute, contact Solomon Richman, P.C. for all your business law needs. Call (516) 437-6443 today to schedule a consultation with one of our Long Island alternative dispute resolution attorneys for aggressive, cost-effective legal services.

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