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Accused of tax evasion or fraud? You need a strong advocate to defend you.


If you have not filed your New York state taxes or have failed to claim all income, you could be facing tax evasion or tax fraud charges. These charges are to be taken very seriously as you could face additional federal charges as well.

  • Income tax evasion – you can be charged with income tax evasion if you have not filed returns or if you have filed returns that deflate your actual income

  • Failure to pay taxes – employers who fail to file the proper taxes for their businesses or mishandle payroll deductions, or individuals who do not pay the proper amount of taxes, may face charges

  • Failure to file tax returns – anyone who willfully fails to file a state or federal tax return could face failure-to-file charges. These charges may be at a state or federal level, or both

  • Falsifying tax returns – claiming business losses that never occurred, claiming charitable donations that were not made, or claiming personal expenses as business expenses could all result in tax evasion charges



In most cases, you will know you are under investigation by the state tax authority or the IRS when you receive an audit notice. In most cases, audits are done randomly and usually people have done nothing wrong except make an honest mistake. However, even an honest mistake could lead to potentially serious charges that could result in steep fines, repayment of refunds received fraudulently or even jail time.



When you are convicted of a crime under New York tax evasion statutes, it is important to understand that your career could be ruined. The act of tax evasion is considered a crime of “moral turpitude” and could result in serious problems with your career. For example, a Realtor may not be able to obtain a license, a teacher could lose tenure, an attorney could be forced to close his doors, and anyone who has a financial career may never be allowed to work in the financial industry again. It is important to understand these career implications are in addition to any monetary penalties or jail time.


Tax evasion charges may be faced by any individual, businesses who prepare tax returns, or small business owners. Such charges should always be taken seriously. If you discover you are the subject of a tax invasion inquiry or you are facing tax evasion charges, do not take any chances. Contact a white collar criminal defense attorney who understands the laws as they apply to tax evasion charges.


Solomon Richman P.C. can provide a strong advocate who will review all documents obtained to file charges against you, as well as fight hard to defend you against all tax evasion charges. The long-term implications, jail time and steep penalties associated with a tax evasion conviction should not be taken lightly. Call us immediately at (516) 437-6443 if you need to mount a tax evasion defense. We have the experience and the knowledge you need to successfully fight the charges against you.

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