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If others try to thwart your plans, we’ll handle the complex litigation.


Typically, purchasers of commercial real estate are interested in turning their property into moneymaking ventures. But there are times at which trying to get the most value and use of your land will be hindered. Opposition and disputes can arise from any number of sources including neighbors, zoning boards and others.


When these types of disputes occur, whether you are a developer, a property owner, or a current commercial landlord, you need someone who can help protect your best interests. Litigating real estate matters can occur on a local or national level, and may appear in state or federal court. That means you need a team of litigation attorneys who not only understand New York commercial real estate laws, but are also familiar with local zoning ordinances.


Fortunately, not all disputes will end up in court. In many cases, disputes between neighbors can be settled through mediation or arbitration. Fortunately, at Solomon Richman P.C. we can handle all types of land use and zoning litigation regardless of their complexity.



There are a number of issues that may arise in the course of developing your commercial real estate. Some of these will be fairly simple to resolve, such as outdoor advertising needs, but there are others that may require behind-the-scenes work with local government, planning commissioners and elected officials, or simply with neighbors.


No matter how carefully you detail the plans for your site, neighbors can complain about parking or traffic issues, business disruptions, or even take issue with boundary lines. All of these issues require negotiation but in some cases, they may also require either arbitration or litigation.



When mediation or arbitration fails, you need a team of attorneys who is willing to go to bat for you and protect your rights in these matters. Solomon Richman, P.C. has a history of dealing with all types of land use and zoning issues and working toward positive outcome for everyone involved.



It is important to keep in mind that simple things such as a change in traffic flow can impact abutting business owners. Oftentimes, this will lead them to argue against your intended use of your property. While this may seem like an issue that is impossible to overcome, at Solomon Richman, P.C. we will strive for a win-win solution that satisfies both you and your neighbor.


Property owners who are facing land use and zoning problems need an advocate who will work with them to ensure they are able to maximize the value of their property. Whether you believe the issues can be settled through mediation or arbitration, or if they ultimately need litigation, we are here to assist. Do not let others determine the success of your commercial property. Contact Solomon Richman, P.C. today at (516) 437-6443 and schedule a consultation with one of our land use and zoning litigation attorneys. We are here to help ensure your project is successful by working toward a positive outcome for both you and your neighbors.

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