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We’ll address any environmental issues that may impact your project


Environmental issues can create any number of problems for commercial real estate owners. These issues can range from fairly simple to solve, to more complicated issues that could result in litigation. In order to address many of these issues, you may find you need the assistance of an attorney who understands the various types of environmental issues that can plague a project.



There are entire ranges of problems which may occur if you have purchased land. For example, there may be limited use of land due to its proximity to protected water areas, factories that make dump contaminants or simply a service station. Oftentimes, these issues can be overcome fairly easily by constructing your site plan to accommodate them.


Additionally, if you are just starting construction, you will need to understand the environmental impact of the facility that will be built on the site. Chances are, if you are building a manufacturing facility or a facility that will hold a number of retail outlets, allowances will have to be made for wastewater, as well as erosion.



Environmental issues are not just restricted to the outdoors. In some cases, building owners may find it difficult to obtain the necessary occupancy permits if a facility tests high levels of radon or other potentially hazardous fumes.


Fortunately, in many cases these issues may simply require minimal cleanup in order to obtain the necessary permits. In some cases, unexpected issues such as natural gas leaks, high levels of debris caused by manufacturing processes, or other issues may need to be addressed in the course of doing business.


If you are in the process of purchasing a commercial property, chances are the lender will want to conduct a complete environmental study prior to financing. In some cases, a plan will need to be designed in order to comply with current environmental standards.


Whether you are considering purchasing an existing building, buying land to build on, or are in the process of building a facility, you need an advocate who can help advise you of the potential environmental issues you may be facing. Additionally, if you receive notification from any government entity including local, state or federal that you may have run afoul of an environmental issue, you will need a skilled attorney to help defend you as well as protect your rights.


Regardless of the situation you find yourself in, Solomon Richman P.C. can help. We assist property owners, buyers of investment properties and sellers of properties when they discover there may be environmental issues that must be dealt with. Contact Solomon Richman P.C. today at (516) 437-6443 to schedule a consultation with one of our environmental concerns attorneys. Whether you simply need an environmental plan reviewed, or you are attempting to deal with already existing issues, we can provide you the assistance you need.

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