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Solutions that help you resolve problems with your contractor.


Whether you are planning an addition to your home, having a new home built, or having a new industrial facility built, at some point you may find yourself in a dispute with the contractor. Additionally, contractors may find themselves having disputes with subcontractors on the job. Left unresolved, these disputes not only cost time but could cost a substantial amount of money.



If you are planning an addition to your home or are having a new home built, you typically will investigate several contractors before deciding on one. Most people wish to have contractors work quickly and efficiently and stick as close as possible to their financial estimates. Unfortunately, things don’t always go so smoothly. When you find yourself having problems with a contractor you have hired, the law firm of Solomon Richman, P.C. can be of assistance. Keep in mind, if left unresolved your project could be incomplete, even if you have invested thousands of dollars in it.



Generally speaking, when you hire a contractor for commercial project you will be involving several people including subcontractors, architects and often design specialists. Each one of these people has an obligation to complete their part of the project in order for it to move forward. In addition, chances are strong that you will have to designate a specific budget under which a contractor may work. When a dispute arises between you and your contractor for incomplete or poor work, the law firm of Solomon Richman, P.C. can work with you to help resolve your differences.



Generally speaking, when a contractor signs an agreement with the client there will be a schedule of payments attached that explains in writing what payments are to be made for services and when those payments are due. As a contractor, chances are you depend on those payments to pay subcontractors, purchase materials and to meet payroll. When the client fails to pay as agreed, the law firm of Solomon Richman, P.C. can help you file the appropriate documents for a mechanics lien, or settle the dispute by negotiating payment.



After a construction project is complete, property owners often discover a contractor has left some small piece of the work incomplete or in some cases, has used substandard materials to complete a project. When this occurs, it could have a detrimental effect on your property’s value and could cost thousands of dollars to repair. As a property owner, you have the right to high quality workmanship if this is what you contracted for. At Solomon Richman, P.C. we have experience working with property owners to file claims against contractors for poor workmanship.


Whether you are a property owner who is disputing a claim against a contractor, a contractor who needs to collect for work completed for a client, or a contractor who is having problems with subcontractors, we encourage you to contact the law firm of Solomon Richman P.C. at (516) 437-6443 and speak with one of our experienced contractor dispute attorneys.

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