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Money laundering is often hard to prove but can bring major criminal charges.


If you are facing charges associated with money laundering you need to take these allegations very seriously. Not only can you face large fines, but you could also be facing a long prison sentence and loss of all of your personal property.



In nearly all cases, money laundering charges are associated with other crimes. For example, someone who has been accused of selling a large quantity of illegal drugs may also face money laundering charges associated with hiding the income from those sales including failing to file tax returns.


Someone who runs an “all cash” business such as a laundry or a filling station may also face money laundering charges if they are hiding their real income by making deposits in multiple financial institutions.


It is critical to understand that money laundering charges are most commonly associated with other criminal enterprises such as drug smuggling or sales, or funding of terrorism and racketeering. Commonly, money laundering charges will be lodged against someone if there is any reason to believe they are hiding the origins of any funds they may have access to. In some cases, you do not even have to have access to the funds directly; you could be accused of money laundering for merely helping someone mask the origin of the funds.



Under the Money Laundering Control Act of 1986, individuals, businesses and nearly any other type of organization could face money laundering charges for as little as one dollar. In most cases, a guilty finding will result in fines in amounts up to twice the amount of the “dirty” money, plus prison time of upwards of twenty-five years. In many cases, the government may also seize any assets in your name including business assets, homes and vehicles.


Proving money laundering is challenging and is often done after an extensive investigation of the person charged. The government must prove or attempt to prove that you conducted or tried to conduct a financial transaction with knowledge that the funds used in that transaction were obtained illegally. These charges are not always easy to prove but it is important to understand the government will go to extremes to prove this including conducting long-term investigations and when warranted, sting operations.


If you have any reason to believe you may be implicated in a money laundering scheme or you believe you are under investigation and may face money laundering charges it is imperative you contact an attorney immediately. At Solomon Richman, P.C. we know how serious these charges are and we have the experience dealing with federal courts to help you through this process. You need an advocate on your side and someone to help protect your rights. Regardless of the circumstances you are facing, a white collar crimes defense attorney can help protect you from money laundering charges. Contact us. at (516) 437-6443 and we will take the time necessary to review all of the evidence obtained in building a case against you and mount a rigorous defense.

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