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A real estate agent can help you find the right home, but legal counsel is recommended.


Frequently, when purchasing a home, people believe they do not need an attorney. However, there are a number of ways an attorney can assist you, whether you are just getting started with the process, or you have already had an offer accepted. Some of the ways an attorney can be helpful include:

  • Reviewing purchase and sale agreements – purchase contracts may seem like pretty standard fare, but they often contain clauses that may have a financial impact. For example, it is important to know that you may forfeit your deposit if you decide to not go forward with the purchase.

  • Reviewing inspection reports – an inspection report that comes back with any type of issue may allow you some new negotiating room with the seller. We are happy to review all reports and help you resolve any issues.

  • Necessary correspondence – some buyers are not prepared for the amount of correspondence that will occur between themselves, the seller’s attorney, the lending institution and the title company. We can help make sense out of this correspondence so you do not feel so overwhelmed.

  • Document review – we are more than happy to review mortgage commitments, survey documents, as well as title insurance commitments.

  • Closing representative – we are happy to serve as your representative at the closing of the real estate transaction.


At Solomon Richman P.C., we have represented buyers who have purchased homes throughout New York. We understand that from time to time, occupancy issues, financing problems, title issues and other problems can arise prior to closing. We work hard to resolve these issues to ensure your home buying experience is as smooth as possible.


We have represented buyers of various types of real estate purchase transactions including:

  • Condominiums

  • Multi-family homes

  • Cooperatives

  • Newly constructed homes

  • Commercial real estate

  • Single-family homes

  • Bank-owned (REO) properties


Solomon Richman, P.C. has the experience and know-how to provide real estate buyers with the representation they need to ensure their transactions goes as easily as possible and to ensure their rights are protected.


Chances are, a real estate investment will be the single largest investment you make in your lifetime. For many families, this asset will be the most significant component of their net worth. For most people purchasing a home, they will be making mortgage payments for up to 30 years after the real estate closing. Buying a home is a significant investment and one that should not be made lightly. You have the right to be represented by an attorney who understands New York real estate law and who will advocate for your rights during the entire process.


Whether you are in the process of considering buying your first home, or you are an experienced real estate investor, the real estate attorneys at Solomon Richman, P.C. can help. Call us today at (516) 437-6443 to schedule a consultation with one of our home buyer attorneys. We will work with you through the entire process to ensure a positive experience and a smooth closing.

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