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When real estate disputes arise, our services know no boundaries.


Many people are not aware that boundary disputes occur almost as frequently with commercial real estate is they do in the residential sector. In most cases, boundary disputes between commercial properties involve right-of-way or access to a property. In fact, boundary disputes are fairly common, especially when there is a single point of entry for multiple properties.



In most cases, boundary disputes with commercial properties cannot be settled simply by pulling the appropriate titles for each property. In fact, generally speaking, right-of-way and other access issues cannot be easily distinguished by using the language found in the typical title.



When a boundary issue occurs as a property is being purchased, it is often possible to negotiate with abutting property owners to ensure that once the property changes hands, the new owner will have the same access as the previous owner. The problem is that these agreements must be worked out with the new owner, and the abutters are typically not part of the purchase and sale process.



New driveways, landscaping or other changes to the layout of a property may also have an impact on property boundary lines. Oftentimes this means that even prior to applying for a site plan approval, owners will have to negotiate with abutting property owners. When this occurs, it is typically helpful to have an advocate on your side who can help work with other property owners to resolve these matters.



When you are beginning a new construction project, typically it will involve a site survey. Sometimes during site surveys, landowners may find abutting owners are using part of their property either as part of their landscaping, or as a point of access to their buildings. When this occurs, it is generally a good idea to immediately work with the owner to try to resolve any issues that may arise as quickly as possible.


Whether you are purchasing a property and have discovered right-of-way or access issues, you are beginning a site plan or you are rehabilitating a property, at Solomon Richman, P.C. we can help resolve any boundary disputes before they get out of hand.


Boundary disputes can often be settled through mediation or arbitration, and only in rare instances will they require litigation. Regardless of the dispute, our real estate boundary dispute attorneys are fully prepared to work with you and your abutting neighbors to work out a solution.


Before a boundary dispute costs you thousands of dollars and loss time, contact Solomon Richman, P.C. at (516) 437-6443 and request a consultation with one of our boundary dispute attorneys. We will do our best to serve as your advocate in resolving these disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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