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Lawsuits are not inevitable, but we’ll be on your side when it’s the only option.


There are a variety of reasons why you may need a business litigation attorney to help you. Whether you manage a business that is being sued, or you need to sue a business yourself, you need an attorney who understands business and commercial litigation law.



Contracts are intended to protect two parties, but sometimes things do not go as expected and a contract breach occurs. Whether you are being sued for a breach of contract, or you need to file suit for breach of contract, Solomon Richman can be of assistance. Our business litigation team is well-versed in contract law and can help you through the entire process.



Employment litigation is typically the result of a dispute between employees and employers. These disputes can occur over wrongful termination, changing benefits plans, wage disputes, or discrimination. Employers who have had cases filed against them need an attorney who understands not only business law, but the more specialized field of employment law. If you are an employee who feels you were discriminated against, were terminated wrongfully, or who needs protection under whistleblower laws, you need an attorney who can effectively represent your case. Solomon Richman has been handling disputes both for and against employers for many years. We understand the complicated issues that often result in employment-related litigation being filed. When you need an advocate, we are the firm to turn to for assistance in all matters of employment litigation in Long Island.



Commercial real estate litigation in Long Island can be extremely difficult because in most cases, numerous parties are involved. At Solomon Richman, we focus on Long Island real estate litigation related to construction projects, contract disputes and disputes with lease agreements. Whether you are being sued due to nonperformance in a real estate contract, or you need to file suit because of nonperformance on a construction project, Solomon Richman can help.


Business and commercial litigation law is never simple. Whether you are suing somebody or you are being sued, you need an attorney who understands all of the options available, including mediation. Settling contract disputes, employment disputes, or fighting over commercial real estate issues requires the skill and knowledge of an attorney who understands business law, contract law as well as real estate law.


Contact Solomon Richman, P.C. today whether you are considering suing a business for breach of contract, or have been notified you are being sued for breach of contract. Regardless of which side of a dispute you are on, we will fight fiercely to protect your rights.

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